MLB Ballpark App Reviews

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App will not open on my phone at all! How do I get my tickets with no app?!?!

Love the app!

Great to keep track of games and info plus maintain my flex pack account. Great app!

Poor performance.

Never works. App continuously hangs when trying to log in to MyBlueJays Login. Please fix this. It would be nice to have a remember option for login as well.

Manuel login is painful

Like the app overall and its handy to manage my tickets but I hate having to type in my login information every time. Please consider an option to save or use fingerprint for iPhone.


Good app but they need to allow you to be able to pick your own seats when buying tickets.

Good app for those who go to games.

Good app

Wouldnt Work After Downloading THREE TIMES

In an attempt to receive a tickets from someone this app actually works for I tried logging into my account. The app had already given me trouble at the beginning of the season but I let it sit. Unfortunately after that, creating a new account, and attempting to redownload the app three times Ive given up. This app has just about ruined going to a baseball game for two people in one sitting. Not worth the stress, print the tickets ahead of time.


This app is constantly using location and it can only be on or off at all times. I enjoy the app otherwise but this needs to be fixed.

Could not be worse.

Awful awful awful. Ive read Pynchon novels that were more intuitive. Is it a hoax or social experiment to assess reactions to extreme confusion? Oh and thanks for adding the non-working Apple wallet button. Enjoyed pressing that over and over and then checking the wallet only to find no tickets. Crap city!

Good & Bad

Lots to like, but a few major flaws. 1. When you check-in at a game and punch in your ticket info (section, row, seat) it doesnt show you a seat map with your exact location in the park. This is a huge whiff. Would be awesome if you could track exactly where your seats are so you can find them, share location with friends, etc. 2. After you upload photos to your game journal, with the fun "MLB" or "Wrigley Field" frame around them, you can no longer share them on social media or with friends. The only time you can share them is the exact moment that you upload them. After that they are locked up there so only you can view them. Total waste. 3. If you forget to "check-in" for a game, they do allow you to add that game later, but it appears out of order in your timeline, and they dont allow you to punch in your ticket/seat info, which would be great. 4. Would love if there was more fun info/history about the park, with photos of it through the past decades, changes, and highlights of fun/quirky stuff you can visit or see within the current park. If that exists, I cant find it. Overall its a pretty cool app, but some refinements could make it great!

Not Worth Using At Kauffman

I spent the evening frustrated with the app at a Royals game at Kauffman Stadium. There is no map or listing of restroom or concession locations. Using the Royals mobile website directs one to the Ballpark app, but the app doesnt have it. The full desktop site for the Royals doesnt work well on an iPhone, so there is no work around.


Required to access mobile tickets since they disabled Apple wallet comparability and it sometimes works.


DO NOT use the f*cking app! It will delay you as you go to the box office to print them because this POS app does NOT link tickets consistently. There are a ton of 5-star & 1-star reviews. That means the 5s are fake to bouy the average. Not worth the cost, which is free.

Love this app

I use this app for everything when I am at the ballpark absolutely love it. The only reason I cant give it 5 stars is the location service part. This app really needs a location Services while using - that way it doesnt drain my battery!!!

MLB Bait & Switch App

I got an email the night before a game I had tickets for, telling me I could upgrade my seats for $5. So once I download the app and give them all of my info, they say "no upgrades available". FU MLB, Im already annoyed you changed todays 1pm start to 8pm for a national broadcast-and canceled all of the scheduled kids activities I was planning on taking my 9 year old nephew to. Way to win over a new generation for the sport.

Location Always On

Love the App, hate that location services are either Always On or Off. Please fix this.

You MUST have an account

I used to use this app in the ballpark. Now, it requires a username and password to use. Um, I dont REMEMBER my credentials, cuz I AT THE PARK! Its no use to me now, derated and deleted.

Mobile Ticketing is Awful

MLB, You need to rethink how you do mobile ticketing. Apple provides an easy way for companies to let customers store tickets and cards on their phones... Its called Apple Wallet. Hire a competent app developer to teach you all about it. Sincerely, A frustrated Red Sox season ticket holder.


Gives you instructions on how to forward tickets but the "forward" button is deactivated. Also cannot print the tickets. The app stinks all around.


The app used to support Apple Wallet but now, at least at Citi Field, it no longer does. Also, though the Mets FAQ says that it will save tickets even with connectivity lost, when I test this by putting my phone in airplane mode, it doesnt work. Now I feel like I need to print a ticket to be safe... Whats the point?! Also, pls change the app so that it offers the ability to only use location while in the app. I dont want to have it constantly drain my battery or abuse my privacy getting my location all the time!

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