MLB Ballpark Отзывы пользователей

Needs improvement

Whenever I get my tickets scanned, my Apple pay wallet is triggered. Time wasted when scanning multiple tickets; would be nice if tickets could be sent to apple wallet.


I do not recommend this app — good luck if you need customer service help. I recently won baseball tickets from my local radio station and was told I had to download the app and sign up for an account in order to retrieve the tickets. When I attempted to sign up I was told my email address already exists (I must have had an account at some point). Next step was to log in but I didn’t know the password. When I tried to reset the password the system sent me an email and told me no email address exists. So does my email address exist or not?!? The email recommended I contact customer service via email or telephone to address the issue. I sent an email to customer service explaining the issue. Their follow up email was nothing more than steps to sign up. Did they even read what the issue was?!?! With frustrations building, I tried calling — was on hold for 20 min, explained my situation, customer service rep told me he was going to send me a temp password so I could log in. Got his email and it said the same thing it said when I tried “email doesn’t exist”. He had no clue ... kept asking me questions that had nothing to do with my issue. I asked to speak to a supervisor who could address and fix the issue — I was initially put on hold, then was told they were busy with someone else and I’d have to wait. At this point I had spent an hour of my time trying to talk to someone who knew what they were doing and could help but I had to get back to work.


This thing is way too complicated. I can’t believe when you buy 20 or more tickets they MAKE you use the app. ONLY way you can access your tickets.


The app never loads!!! As a season ticket holder this is very frustrating with digital tickets. I can’t even access my own tickets.

Lousy app

I have tried to create my account three times and each time it fails with no error message other than to call an 800 number. So I deleted the app and will just guest when I buy tickets. Don’t waste your time with this app.



Ticket instructions

1) Buy tickets online 2) Tickets appear in app 3) Scan at ballpark fails 4) Wait in line at ticket office 5) Print physical ticket 6) Enter ballpark

Never loads

The app never loads. It just spins and spins.

How you choose what tickets you want

I used to love using this app to buy tickets, it was very user friendly. You could view the entire seat map, click on a section to zoom in, and click on the particular seats you wanted. I don’t know what they did in the most recent update, and maybe I’m just clicking on the wrong thing and can’t find the seat map option, but I do not like the method they implemented to view and purchase tickets. It sorts by section and when you click a section it randomly gives you seats. I do not like this at all. Previously I would have given this app 5 stars, but now it only gets 3, unless they change it back. I buy tickets for Minute Maid park in Houston for reference.

Apple Wallet Support

The main reason I liked this app was its integration with Apple wallet, I’m not sure why the support was dropped, but it should be reimplemented.

MLB management is disgusting

They have now removed anyway to anonymously send a ticket to a friend or family member. You now must give personal information in order to send a ticket to someone there is no other way. These guys are pathetic, abusing their own fans so that they can collect personal information on many people. Demanding a phone number, or an email address. These guys are truly disgusting.

Broken App

Older I phone but App will not even open now!! Please Fix!!!....... UPDATE... still not opening after new update today.... sure hope it's fixed by Aug so I can go to ballgame that I my buddy gave me to tix too!!

Great App For Tickets!

I use this app all time to buy tickets. Easy to use. Usually cheaper than 2nd market.

Crashes immediately

App won’t even open. When I tap it, I get an error message that says “unable to load data”. I click try again and it does the same thing over and over.

Don't update app if old iOS

Just updated app and now will not launch. MLB tech support says my iOS is no longer supported

Don’t rely on this app for your tickets

Decided I would just use the app to enter a game instead of my usual print beforehand method Tested the app to make sure it worked before I left the house, but as soon as I got to the stadium the app crashed. Missed 2 innings waiting outside hitting refresh over and over again trying to get the app to load. Oh yeah, and was down too...

Weak and inconsistent

Doesn't always function had to go to ticket window to print tickets.

App unusable

This app will not permit me to unlink an old account and allow me to link a new one to access my tickets. It simply sends the same endless emails about how the account is already linked. Unlinking it apparently does nothing. This app is useless!

Preventing phone from sleeping, using background data and draining battery

June 2, 2018 update broke app. Crashes when trying view Tickets. Ticket flashes for about a second then app crashes. The check in feature is working but you cannot view tickets. Newest bug does not allow you to check in for games. APPLE WALLET SUPPORT REMOVED MARCH OF 2018!!! I stopped using the app due to battery drain issue on iPhone. See my comments below. I now use the My Provenue website for my tickets in safari browser. I physical reset the app permission settings in iOS but the app overwrote them as soon as it was opened. They added the option to use location services only while using the app but it still overwrites the screen brightness and other energy saving setting so the battery drain remains as of 5/19/2017. 23 year Astros season ticket holder. I have been using this app since the separated it from the MLB At Bat app several years ago. The latest update is using more data than in the past. Surprised when my my ticket was still on display after I placed iPhone 8s Plus back in case. The screen did not turn off after at least 20 minutes since last use. Battery went from 99% to 78%. Never had a sleep prevention issue with any other app before. Using location services all the time except when using app. Need an option to use location services only while using app. Tickets can no longer be added to passbook and you have to be connected to the Internet to display tickets because they are not saved in the app. The History of tickets and seating area when you check in showing the actual seat location would be helpful for repurchasing the same or similar seats by favoriting the location. Need the ability to see game attendance. It would be helpful to know which games you missed or system did not update so you can easily find your unused tickets. I almost missed out on perfect attendance at my home park because the park system was down but I was able to take a photo inside the stadium on the date in question and use google maps history to show I was in the stadium at game time. I also took a photo of the guy working on the fiber optics cable to show the system had issues. Repeatedly have issues where the gate scanner does not print Ticket/Seat Locator. How about Instagram support.

Horrible update

With the new update app will not open. Couldn't get tickets for game off the app.

Unable to open

Since the first of the season I've had to delete and reload app multiple times. Hard resets of the phone do nothing. The latest update proved useless, it still will not open! All my other apps work!

Technology Torment

Won't open. Waste of my time. I gave you my money now give me my tickets. Simple transaction.

Horrible, needs update ASAP

This app has always been trash but after the most recent update it won't even open. It crashes within one second of being opened. My tickets are only accessible on this app so I'm not sure how I'm going to get into the upcoming game that I have tickets for. It's unacceptable that MLB requires use of an app that doesn't work!


Can’t even log in. What’s the point?

No wallet support?

I don’t want another app. Would like to put tickets into wallet on my phone like I used to be able to do.

App crashing

Have been using for several years, to track our ballpark visits. After the latest app update, it now crashes when trying to check in. And I like the journal, but somewhere along the way it removed my saved photos from our earliest games in 2013, without any warning or notice. Very disappointing

Waste of memory, can’t delete quick enough

I wish they would’ve told me that garage tickets are not available through this app. Now I have to do an entire separate transaction. I figured the point of downloading this app was for convenience.

What’s the point?

Was forced to download this for my digital tickets, but they never loaded when I got to the stadium. I wound up waiting in line just to get sent back out to customer service for physical tickets. Time-wasting and inconvenient.

Update killed this app.

Everything was working great until the last update. Now every time I try to check in, it crashes.... over and over. Great job testing your latest update out before you released it!

Was good, now awful

I used to enjoy this app. Now it simply will not open at all. Instant crashing. Sad.

Mediocre at best

Check-in functionality doesn't work with recent update. Overall, slow and clunky.

Works fine on iphone 6s, ios 11.3.1

Works fine, I can pull up my tickets easily. My spouse and I share the log in so we can both access the tix. The only downside is not being able to add the tickets to apple wallet. BUT the good thing about this is when I transfer my tix to someone else, it tells u if they accepted it or not (without this app they cant accept it).


Check in causes crash.

Didn't even get in

Kept fighting with it to log in. Wasn't even worth the prizes we could have won. Gave t up.

Awfully awful

I can’t believe how hard MLB makes it to buy their problem. I write software for a living and can’t get it to “link tickets” to an account or forward tickets to a friend

Schedules Crash in At Bat

You should fix that before you fix anything else.

Same issues

Just created and Want to go back! Just read previous user. Same my words.

Terrible and unnecessary

It is wholly inappropriate and unnecessary for MLB to force fans to use this app. I have never had any issue with a digital ticket issued via email or Apple Wallet. The app is clunky, particularly if trying to use for multiple teams. In addition, it makes it very difficult to share tickets with friends if attending the game in a group, unless everyone has the app. It is a true disservice to fans that MLB is forcing such a poorly designed and unnecessary app on us, and I'm hopeful the league will junk it soon.

Easy to use

Spontaneously decided to go to an almost sold out Tribe game. Took about 5 min. 3tix in shade. With a breeze. An improvement would be Apple wallet and Apple Pay integration.

No Wallet

It says it supports iPhone wallet but it won’t let me add my tickets to it. I never thought I would prefer Tickmaster.

Bad app

Such a bad app! The app makes me want to have paper tickets back.

Can’t display tickets!

App shows the tickets in a list but when I click on them it says tickets not available for display. I called app support and after listening to a lot of irrelevant instructions about, the agent I got didn’t have a clue and I was eventually disconnected. But the app is eager to offer me upgrades to the tickets it sold me but won’t display. Avoid this app!


Why does this even exist? Even if it did work (which it doesn't) it's so much more inconvenient than simply having tickets emailed to you. If I were able to leave zero stars, I would.


The most frustrating app I've ever tried to use.


I don't usually write reviews, but this was more convenient than actually getting my tickets to the ball game. Worst idea ever because the app serves little to no purpose when an emailed electronic ticket is good enough. This gets 1 star because 0 is not an option.


Wow. Crashes when you try to display tickets. Useless unless you just want to waste some space.

Terrible to install/navigate

Jumping through hoops is not my favorite sport. Had to do it to install and again to navigate it.

Such s dumb way to buy tickets.

Just email them to me.

Useless- No deals

So you check-in but no perk. You can get seat upgrades which are the same price as regular tickets. Common now give discount pricing for unsold seats or free seat upgrades. Deleted app cause it was useless.

Too many bugs

No matter what I try, can’t get the app to log into my mlb account this year. Keep getting a “network error” response.

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