MLB Ballpark Отзывы пользователей

How about useful functionality?

This app seems to do about 100 things I don’t care about and none of the things I do care about. For starters, why on earth would it only show tickets I have for games the day of the game and not all future games? The fan experience at games seems centered on selling me $12 beers not the actual sport of baseball. Try again.

Usability is awful

I received an email from mlb saying I could use this app to access my tickets for tomrrow’s game. After wasting 10 minutes, I still haven’t figured out how to access my tickets, even after linking my mlb account. Whoever is responsible for UI/UX for this app should be fired.


This app only looks good. With a degree in Computer Info Systems, it took me months to get my tickets linked to the app. Please simplify this process and throw away the ballpark app tutorial because it's uninformative.

Total crap

Cubs directed me to this app to pick up my tickets. The website for my account shows the tickets but this stupid app won’t show them. App is worthless and a total waste of time.

Can’t link tickets in app

I bought tickets to a cubs game and the only option of delivery is via the MLB app. I just tried to link my tickets to the app and it won’t let me. This is a huge hassle and waste of my time. Now I need to call the Cubs to see if they can print me a ticket.

Journal Entries Don’t Work

App is a big disappointment. I expect more from “professional” baseball in what they create given their time and money available to put out a top flight phone App. Problems: 1. Can’t check in to add previous games or events. Only allows entries on the same day of the game. 2. Can’t add previous journal entries. Only allows same day game journal entries. 3. Won’t allow you to click on and save your seat location with seat number where you sat for the game from anywhere in the App. 4 Many other issues. But why list them? MLB isn’t going to address them. :(

Buying tickets requires determination!

At least I know that if there’s an emergency at the ballpark, I will be surrounded by a lot of tenacious people! It shouldn’t require 2 apps and entering a password 3 times just to buy overpriced tickets.

This app blows

App reflects the league well, waste of time


Unable to retrieve my tickets at all. Says I need to link to my team account but won’t send the link email. Called customer service and said I need to call the team ticketing office which is closed.

Seems unnecessary

So I bought my tickets through seatgeek, then had to get this app just to get the tickets. Back in my day we payed a dime to get into the bleachers at yankee stadium. Modern technology these days. Pointless.

No access to my tickets!

The app must be down, all I get is a spinning circle so I get to the game and I have no access to my tickets.


By FAR the worst customer site I’ve been on. Nothing about this is easy. Baseball has a hard enough time getting fans, why are you forcing us to the god awful app to make it worse.

Don’t Email tickets

I thought I’d be able to email the tickets online to my family and they’d be able to load it to their Apple wallet, no! They all have to create an account and download this stupid application.

You get nothing for checking in

I have no idea why they have you check in on this app. I’ve checked in 16 times at Dodger Stadium this year and still get the message “you haven’t unlocked any offers.” I mean, how many games do they expect people to go to before offering any offers!? It’s really demoralizing.

Battery sucker

This app used over 50% of my power while it wasn’t doing anything and drained my battery to 25% by the start of the game.


Bought tickets on stubhub and then received an email saying that I had to use the Ballpark app to access them on my phone. Tried to send one to my Dad, who was visiting, and the ticket seemed to evaporate into thin air. He went to the ticket office and they said since it was a resold ticket, it must’ve gone to the original owner. They barely let him into the game, thinking he was making it all up to get a free ticket! Definitely should not be that hard to get your tickets these days. I don’t know if they’ve made improvements, but I’m never using the app again.

Very unsecured and poorly managed

Buying a ticket has never been so difficult in my life. This makes me hate the MLB for such a desperate grab at data mining. And when I reset my password, they sent it unencrypted to my inbox. Very unsecure and a rooky app move.

Documenting games

I’ve read a lot of negative reviews about digital tickets through this app. Personally I have never used it for that, but the Journal portion is awesome! I’m checking in games from 6-9 years ago and it’s awesome to go back and see everything!

Awful account settings UX

This app has horrible user experience when it comes to account settings. Good luck trying to do any of these (basic) was things: 1. Change password (have not figured out how to do this on the app, and on the website they mail you a temporary password, which is circa 2000s when it comes to security.) 2. Edit or remove a payment options 3. The navigation is as bad as I’ve ever seen


This app has the most un-user friendly UI of any app I have ever used. Everything is a process that takes 3 emails, and made everything way to complicated to access tickets that were already purchased. TRASH.

Can’t share tickets easily

I bought 11 tickets for a family event with people coming from all directions. I thought I’d be able to email or text the digital tickets to them like I can do with Ticketmaster. To get their tix, they are required to download the app AND create an MLB account. My 72 year old mother-in-law (among others) doesn’t need an MLB account nor all the spam that will accompany it. This is just a blatant data mining scheme by MLB. VERY disappointing.

In-seat Service is half-baked

Had a great time at the game but can’t recommend the Ballpark app’s Scout Club In-Seat Service. Our order came with no napkins, no condiments, and not as advertised. The cheeseburger came on a pretzel instead of the bun pictured in the image and the pulled port explicitly advertised a Kaiser roll and came on a hamburger bun. Worst of all, once the staff is gone there is no way to communicate. App needs serious improvement. In the meantime we might as well just go to the counter where there is someone to make sure the order is right.

What even

Having to download an app to view a code you could have JUST emailed me when I bought it is so incredibly inefficient and dumb that after this game I’ll delete the app and never waste my time hitting a baseball game again.

Obnoxiously mandatory

Buggiest, least responsive app on my phone. If I didn’t have a season plan, I would banish this app from my devices. Promises much, delivers very, very little.

Not user friendly

I got this app to keep track of games I attend. But in the journal all it will let me do is take a single picture. I can’t figure out how to add games I’ve been to in the past or ballparks I have attended before. It shouldn’t be this hard to figure it out.

Everything loops or errors

I downloaded this to get some tickets from a friend. It won’t let me register my email so it keeps telling me I don’t have a registered email. I tried online and it times out. The app asks me to register the email and then tells me it can’t finish because it’s not registered. So I’m stuck in a loop with no solution. Horribly frustrating and useless app.

ticketing interface is horrible

It should not take five steps on four screens to be able to retrieve purchased tickets or have friends retrieve forwarded tickets. really poor process.

Pretty good but still needs work

The app does what you need it to do. It's a way to hold tickets and gives you an idea where different things are located throughout the each ballpark. They recently fixed a crashing issue which was rendering the app unusable. It's much better now!

MLB app

Ru kidding me? Really bad app. Can even log out when wanting to.

Utterly useless

Might be great for buying tickets but utterly useless for retrieving a forwarded ticket from someone else. Completely unintuitive and easier just to pick the ticket up from will call

Needs improvement

Whenever I get my tickets scanned, my Apple pay wallet is triggered. Time wasted when scanning multiple tickets; would be nice if tickets could be sent to apple wallet.


I do not recommend this app — good luck if you need customer service help. I recently won baseball tickets from my local radio station and was told I had to download the app and sign up for an account in order to retrieve the tickets. When I attempted to sign up I was told my email address already exists (I must have had an account at some point). Next step was to log in but I didn’t know the password. When I tried to reset the password the system sent me an email and told me no email address exists. So does my email address exist or not?!? The email recommended I contact customer service via email or telephone to address the issue. I sent an email to customer service explaining the issue. Their follow up email was nothing more than steps to sign up. Did they even read what the issue was?!?! With frustrations building, I tried calling — was on hold for 20 min, explained my situation, customer service rep told me he was going to send me a temp password so I could log in. Got his email and it said the same thing it said when I tried “email doesn’t exist”. He had no clue ... kept asking me questions that had nothing to do with my issue. I asked to speak to a supervisor who could address and fix the issue — I was initially put on hold, then was told they were busy with someone else and I’d have to wait. At this point I had spent an hour of my time trying to talk to someone who knew what they were doing and could help but I had to get back to work.


This thing is way too complicated. I can’t believe when you buy 20 or more tickets they MAKE you use the app. ONLY way you can access your tickets.


The app never loads!!! As a season ticket holder this is very frustrating with digital tickets. I can’t even access my own tickets.

Lousy app

I have tried to create my account three times and each time it fails with no error message other than to call an 800 number. So I deleted the app and will just guest when I buy tickets. Don’t waste your time with this app.



Ticket instructions

1) Buy tickets online 2) Tickets appear in app 3) Scan at ballpark fails 4) Wait in line at ticket office 5) Print physical ticket 6) Enter ballpark

Never loads

The app never loads. It just spins and spins.

How you choose what tickets you want

I used to love using this app to buy tickets, it was very user friendly. You could view the entire seat map, click on a section to zoom in, and click on the particular seats you wanted. I don’t know what they did in the most recent update, and maybe I’m just clicking on the wrong thing and can’t find the seat map option, but I do not like the method they implemented to view and purchase tickets. It sorts by section and when you click a section it randomly gives you seats. I do not like this at all. Previously I would have given this app 5 stars, but now it only gets 3, unless they change it back. I buy tickets for Minute Maid park in Houston for reference.

Apple Wallet Support

The main reason I liked this app was its integration with Apple wallet, I’m not sure why the support was dropped, but it should be reimplemented.

MLB management is disgusting

They have now removed anyway to anonymously send a ticket to a friend or family member. You now must give personal information in order to send a ticket to someone there is no other way. These guys are pathetic, abusing their own fans so that they can collect personal information on many people. Demanding a phone number, or an email address. These guys are truly disgusting.

Broken App

Older I phone but App will not even open now!! Please Fix!!!....... UPDATE... still not opening after new update today.... sure hope it's fixed by Aug so I can go to ballgame that I my buddy gave me to tix too!!

Great App For Tickets!

I use this app all time to buy tickets. Easy to use. Usually cheaper than 2nd market.

Crashes immediately

App won’t even open. When I tap it, I get an error message that says “unable to load data”. I click try again and it does the same thing over and over.

Don't update app if old iOS

Just updated app and now will not launch. MLB tech support says my iOS is no longer supported

Don’t rely on this app for your tickets

Decided I would just use the app to enter a game instead of my usual print beforehand method Tested the app to make sure it worked before I left the house, but as soon as I got to the stadium the app crashed. Missed 2 innings waiting outside hitting refresh over and over again trying to get the app to load. Oh yeah, and was down too...

Weak and inconsistent

Doesn't always function had to go to ticket window to print tickets.

App unusable

This app will not permit me to unlink an old account and allow me to link a new one to access my tickets. It simply sends the same endless emails about how the account is already linked. Unlinking it apparently does nothing. This app is useless!

Preventing phone from sleeping, using background data and draining battery

June 2, 2018 update broke app. Crashes when trying view Tickets. Ticket flashes for about a second then app crashes. The check in feature is working but you cannot view tickets. Newest bug does not allow you to check in for games. APPLE WALLET SUPPORT REMOVED MARCH OF 2018!!! I stopped using the app due to battery drain issue on iPhone. See my comments below. I now use the My Provenue website for my tickets in safari browser. I physical reset the app permission settings in iOS but the app overwrote them as soon as it was opened. They added the option to use location services only while using the app but it still overwrites the screen brightness and other energy saving setting so the battery drain remains as of 5/19/2017. 23 year Astros season ticket holder. I have been using this app since the separated it from the MLB At Bat app several years ago. The latest update is using more data than in the past. Surprised when my my ticket was still on display after I placed iPhone 8s Plus back in case. The screen did not turn off after at least 20 minutes since last use. Battery went from 99% to 78%. Never had a sleep prevention issue with any other app before. Using location services all the time except when using app. Need an option to use location services only while using app. Tickets can no longer be added to passbook and you have to be connected to the Internet to display tickets because they are not saved in the app. The History of tickets and seating area when you check in showing the actual seat location would be helpful for repurchasing the same or similar seats by favoriting the location. Need the ability to see game attendance. It would be helpful to know which games you missed or system did not update so you can easily find your unused tickets. I almost missed out on perfect attendance at my home park because the park system was down but I was able to take a photo inside the stadium on the date in question and use google maps history to show I was in the stadium at game time. I also took a photo of the guy working on the fiber optics cable to show the system had issues. Repeatedly have issues where the gate scanner does not print Ticket/Seat Locator. How about Instagram support.

Horrible update

With the new update app will not open. Couldn't get tickets for game off the app.

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