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Can’t delete certain check-ins

Really specific situation. I understand you can’t delete check-ins that you did while physically at the game. I attended the second game of a single-admission double header, and it checked me in for both games. Unable to delete the first game and the numbers in a my journal are skewed. Other than that, love this app.

Ticketing is a joke

-No passbook/wallet support -Can’t easily transfer tickets -What’s the deal with needing a numbered account for each team linked to your email address? Can’t we just login with our email address for all tickets like everything other platform / website on Earth? The whole thing stinks, is clunky, and is so far removed from reality that it’s a joke. And the kicker is that this is the only way to access certain tickets. Even when bought on reseller websites. Bad bad bad. MLB really needs to let the pro’s handle ticketing (stubhub, Ticketmaster, Seatgeek, Apple passbook). This app should really only be about stadium experiences; photos, check-ins, stadium info, etc.


Only a multi billion dollar entity such as MLB could create such a worthless, unreliable App.

Horrible for Ticket Purchase

Why on earth an app like this has no ability to zoom is beyond me. Also, you get sent into a blackhole of approving and hitting continue to no avail. I finally had to give up after timing out 3 times and go to my PC and order direct. It’s astounding that an app of this low quality has been released to the public.

Fully digital - no way to save your ticket

I am admittedly a ‘transitional’ fan, who remembers tickets that were torn off, creating a ‘ticket stub’. Given that the average age of an MLB fan is 57, I am not alone. I want it all. The ease promised by digital management and transfer, but also the right to PRINT my ticket either at home or at a ballpark kiosk. I save stubs and while a printed 8.5x11 ‘ticket’ isn’t ideal, it’s at least one more item for the collection. An interface to ballpark kiosks for ‘real’ tickets would be ideal. You cannot print from this. Your tickets are locked in digital limbo. Never using again.

Always brings up Apple Pay

Which is great but when you’re trying to use rewards it’s awful. People selling stuff get frustrated. People at gate get frustrated. Somehow fix this for next year. As a season ticket holder I lose half my benefits

Not Reliable

Terrible app, my season Ticket holder member card does not reliably appear. No early entry for BP, no discounts on merchandise, and cannot enter game day prize drawing👎😵


Glitchy. Half the time I try to purchase tickets on here an error message appears saying the tickets aren't actually available from the options provided. Can't change payment info in the app. So if you obtain a new bank card, you'll have to re-enter ALL of the information for every purchase. Does not save new info after asking if you'd like it to. I can't imagine how with the magnitude of MLB they can't find away to fine tune this app. Huge disappointment.


I have purchased multiple tickets and if you do not save them immediately they might disappear forever. I purchased tickets through the app and then closed it. When I got to the stadium and opened the app they had disappeared. I decided to purchase them at will call and wait to see if I could receive a refund for the other. The support line for directed me towards the ticketing office of the team even though it was an issue with their app. They told me they couldn't issue refunds and the ticketing office for the baseball team told me all sales are final. Safe to say I will never use this app again. Watch out everyone!

Do Not...Do Not...Do Not Use this app

This app is so poorly thought out it should be trashed. Once you download your tickets you are stuck. Bought 8 tickets and couldn't separate them as we had to wait for all 8 to go in together. Went to ticket window and they couldn't help because I had downloaded tickets to my phone. Their advice was "don't use this app." SAVE your self the aggravation.

Favorite/Most Difficult App

I am trying to see all 30 ballparks and like that I can check into games and add photos, however the tickets with this app is frustrating and difficult. The app should have the ability to add tickets to wallet and here’s why: 1. Can’t transfer tickets to others (such as wife/girlfriend) if they don’t have app once at game so they can get up to get food/use restroom, have to take my phone or have to get up to show usher. 2. Ballparks like Tampa already use wallet functionality for membership card so wallet opens when trying to scan ticket at gate through app causing issues having to close wallet and try to scan ticket. Causes delays entering and frustration for others behind. 3. Sometimes network is slow or full and creates difficult opening app, on wallet would immediately appear on screen for quick retrieval and scanning. Please add option to transfer to tickets to wallet.


It took me 40 minutes to access the ticket my friend forwarded me. By the time I got the ticket, I didn't even care about the game. Terrible UX. Terrible everything. Can't wait to delete in 2 days.

Issues with sound on game highlights

I'm a Nationals Season Ticket Holder and haven't had any issues with the digital tickets since Opening Day. I love the highlights of games where I have checked in, but the sound no longer works for the video clips. It started being a problem in August and unfortunately it has continued to be a problem, even with my recently purchased new iPhone. I hope this problem is fixed soon.

Won't download

MLB requires this for digital tickets and they can't even get it downloading efficiently to your phone.

Can't create an account

I can't create an account because my email address has characters not allowed by the app.

Fundamentally broken

Broken. Does not even allow sign up. Tried on multiple phones. Funniest bit -- after the signup fails, if you use the same ID, complains that it is already in the system. Developers should be embarrassed.

I just want to print my tickets

Why won't you let me print my @$&#% tickets?!?!

Bad account recognition

Decided to make an account for a free shirt but, the app decided that an account was already under my email even though I had just heard of this app. I'm starting to see why this app is so poorly rated.

Worst app on my phone!

Difficult, doesn't allow paging back or basic navigation. It took an hour of screwing around on the app and on my desktop to download the app and get the tickets my friend sent me. Horrible experience

Great Customer Service!!!

I had trouble registering with the app, so I emailed customer service. After a brief email exchange in which I sent them a screenshot of the trouble spot, I GOT A PHONE CALL!!! I was amazed that in this modern era where big companies often ignore 'minor league' problems, to get a personal call from a customer representative. The issue was resolved within 5 minutes, the app works great! I linked my accounts and my tickets are now right on my phone, so I can skip the long lines and go right into the park in the e-line. Love it!

Okay, but location services??

Overall, I love the app. I like playing games at our park and ordering food. Love the check in history and ticket features. BUT, I don't understand why this has to be a "always" or "never" for location services. There is ZERO reason to use my location when I'm not in the ballpark. And it's a pain in the butt to switch it on and off. Make a "when using" option and I'll rate you 5 stars.

Why do I need to sign in?

I just want to look at a map of concession areas so I can buy my wildly overpriced food and drink. Screw Major League Baseball for requiring people to create an account. No wonder their fan base is dying off.

Worst software ever

They should be embarrassed


Terrible app - impossible to find tickets that have been purchased.

Worked Great

I bought tickets on the Cubs website, downloaded this app and linked the accounts. Super easy and all my baseball stuff is in one spot!

One small problem

The app is awesome except it won't let me add a game to my journal that has been over for almost 6 hours because it says the game has to finish being played. The game was the Blue Jays/Cubs game on 8/18/2017.

It's Useless

You can tell they're trying but so many shortcomings. Videos and highlights you can get on the regular MLB app already. Cannot pull up digital version of my tix. The intuitive features you minimally expect from an app is not available and what is available is minimal at best. Terrible.


I just want to see a map of the field, but I have to download an app and create an account? Come on, MLB. This info is on your website. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops just because I'm on a mobile device.

Good & Bad [UPDATE: More bad]

UPDATE: the app does not support Apple Wallet. What? A ticket app that doesn't support Apple Wallet? Add to that the fact that is basically a tool for you to buy tickets and then promote MLB on social media, and it's basically useless. Coulda been really fun, but they pooched it. ------ Lots to like, but a few major flaws. 1. When you check-in at a game and punch in your ticket info (section, row, seat) it doesn't show you a seat map with your exact location in the park. This is a huge whiff. Would be awesome if you could track exactly where your seats are so you can find them, share location with friends, etc. 2. After you upload photos to your game journal, with the fun "MLB" or "Wrigley Field" frame around them, you can no longer share them on social media or with friends. The only time you can share them is the exact moment that you upload them. After that they are locked up there so only you can view them. Total waste. 3. If you forget to "check-in" for a game, they do allow you to add that game later, but it appears out of order in your timeline, and they don't allow you to punch in your ticket/seat info, which would be great. 4. Would love if there was more fun info/history about the park, with photos of it through the past decades, changes, and highlights of fun/quirky stuff you can visit or see within the current park. If that exists, I can't find it. Overall it's a pretty cool app, but some refinements could make it great!

Couldn't display tickets

This app cost me 1/2 hour of the baseball game I went to today. I couldn't properly display the tickets on my IPhone. The bar code showed up but when they went to scan it, the ticket taker told me that it wouldn't scan and that I'd have to go to the ballpark ticket services office. When I got there, someone at the ticket service office told me that they've had tons of problems with this app with people constantly complaining that their tickets wouldn't display properly.

Can't login or sign up horrible app

Horrible app

Good Idea, Terrible Execution

I've used the app four times this season and each time my tickets have not shown up despite having my account linked. This app would be wonderful...if it worked. We're better off printing tickets until they fix this app or shut it down.


Terrible app.


This app is dumb. I downloaded it cause it said I would be able to upgrade my tickets to a game for 5 bucks. Tried creating an account wouldn't let me. It said I had one created already so I go to forget password and they send me a temporary password and when I enter it in it just stays there on the same screen it doesn't load. The upgrade isn't worth all this.


App didn't accept my password so I reset it. It doesn't even give me an error message now and instead just bricks to login button. Worthless.


Bought tix to a game on team website. Had them sent through the app. Literally have no way of seeing the tix on the app. Fortunately I can logon to the team website and print the tix -- but that defeats the whole purpose. Can't believe the whole MLB offers this service and encourages folks to use it but can't deliver a working app.

Absolute garbage

Had to make an account and everything just to view my tickets. And now no matter what internet I am setup with, the screen says "network error" and won't load my tickets

MLB Ballpark

MLB Ballpark is a solid companion for those who are visiting any of the Major League Baseball stadiums. With the app users can manage their experience from ticket sales to concessions to promotions to looking up statistics regarding the teams involved to navigation around the ballpark and more.

Had to call to get my tickets to show

Very poor design. Difficult to use. Had to call to find out that I had two ticket accounts. Not sure why. I have the tickets now but might have been screwed on game day. Also the password reset triggers my spam and work spam every time. This is a sales app. Expected this much from MLB anyway. Greedy and cheap. Don't care about the customer experience.

Misleading - requires an account

The app sounded great until I tried to actually use it. There should be a way to use this app without signing in. I'm done signing up for minor conveniences such as this app.

Didn't work.

Don't bother updating

Ballpark App

I love keeping track of how many teams I've seen play and how many games I've been to. Also love being able to get into Petco Park using my phone instead of having to print out tickets!

Never loads

I have used the app in the past to check in, but this week it just keeps loading with the spinning wheel and the gray stadium of fans in the background, but never loads. This is infuriating for me, as I only had 6 MLB parks left to visit and couldn't check into San Fran or Oakland this week. I deleted and re downloaded, made sure I had latest version, etc. - it won't load.

What a mess

Drains battery. Poorly designed. A mess

Does not function properly

Bought tickets online, come to find out they were available through the app. Downloaded the app, linked my account and cannot view my tickets. There isn't even a tab or section to Aggregate current tickets or any history. It's functionality is insanely poor. It's a sales app, the developers and the business didn't give a crap about the customer experience

I dot want to sign in to see where to eat

Sigh. Why does everyone want your personal info. I am not giving you my email address.

Lost all my ballpark check-ins prior update

Update broke app, erased all my ball park game history, one of which was a "Perfect Game" July 29 2009 , why update without sufficient testing of the updated version?

Tickets disappeared

My uncle forwarded his tickets to an Indians game to me a few days back, I created an account and accepted them, now the tickets have just disappeared. Also since I already accepted them once I can't do it again. This app is terrible, never use it.

Would give 0 stars if possible

Terrible app. Could not link to mlb ticket account. App is even worse than web app. And that's saying something. MLB should outsource its tech department to Amazon.

Tickets didn't work

I bought Padres tickets online and the app acknowledged them, but would never bring up the barcodes. I still had to wait in line to get them printed. It also couldn't link my rewards card. Basically, the app added no value.

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