MLB Ballpark Отзывы пользователей

In Game experience

Been using the application since 2013. I forgot about it until the beginning of last year. Mlb did a better job of advertising the past 2 years. The ticket experience is easy and the easy access lines at Fenway are a great benefit. My favorite aspect is keeping a historical archive of all the games I’ve been to, all the stadiums I’ve been to and my home record by team. I’ve used this feature many times. Lastly the in game experience and fan interaction at Fenway has been superb this year. My friends and I play bingo during every game and it keeps folks less interested in the game engaged. I hope the application continues to be upgraded and worked on.

Horrible App

I’ve used SeatGeek, Stubhub, Ticketmaster and other apps. This is by far the worst ticketing app I’ve ever used. Signing up is a complete and utter pain. When tickets were sent to me, I wasn’t even able to view them. I had to call the team, and have the tickets available at will call. Defeated the entire point of this worthless app.

Confusing, not user friendly

This app is the worst. It’s very confusing and not user friendly at all. Good luck if your trying to forward the tickets to anyone that would like a printed copy instead of downloading the app. If you have older family members and want to give them tickets to a game, DO NOT DOWNLOAD APP.

Worst app I’ve ever used

First time reviewer of an app but I was compelled due to how terrible and user unfriendly this app is. It would be hard to make it worse.


This is the worst app ever and crashes everytime I try pulling it up


I bought tickets which it forces you to only access through this horrible App. I can’t access the tickets. It just loads and loads and eventually errors out. Hope it works at least once by the time of the game tomorrow. Honestly how can an app with time sensitive expensive tickets work this poorly? Why can’t they just email my tickets and let me print them out. You know something that would actually work

Not working

Locked up

Won’t open

The app just shows a blank screen and won’t open. I can’t access my game tickets.


This app doesn't work. Nothing but problems and can't access my tickets. Friends have the same problem

Horrible FTUE

I just want a freaking map. Don’t make me jump through hoops to sign up just to get some information.

The App is terrible

App constantly freezes or won’t load, I keep getting “unable to load” messages and the support told me to delete and reinstall, guess what happens after I reinstall? Unable to load!! What do you do when this is the only way to get into a game??? Ridiculous

Overly complicated and not user friendly

I’ve needed to use the app a few times now because I bought tickets online. What a joke. Complicated to link to your tickets, complicated to send tickets to others in your party. Ticketmaster and flash seats have it figured out, why can’t MLB?

Biggest PITA ticket app/process ever

Took me 30 minutes to install this crappy app and link to my local baseball team account. I don’t follow baseball, go to 1 game per season and seemingly could only access my tickets via this process. What a waste of time. So not user friendly...I’ll delete the app after I get into the game tonight. Did anyone test the app (other than chimpanzees....) to validate it’s effectiveness (or lack thereof....)

Stadium Music

Honestly the only reason I downloaded this app was to know what the songs were that played in the stadium during games. I haven’t been able to find that section after a few updates. Please help!

iPhone update to iOS 12 is not compatible

Updated my phone yesterday to iOS 12. Successfully used the app to scan into the ballpark, too. I open the app again tonight to forward tickets, and all I see is the spinning wheel to nowhere. Bummer that I can’t get the app to open for my last game of the season. Otherwise, it’s been quite useful for this season!

No Longer Working

As a season ticket holder, I have used the Ballpark exclusively all season to get into the game. It’s been great. But since the last update, the app no longer loads on my phone. Worked perfectly all year until now. With tickets tonight, I had to scramble to get them printed because the app is unreliable and not working properly. Had I not checked prior to leaving for the game, I would have been S-O-L with no way to print the tickets at the stadium.

New update is trash

New update is trash instead of starting on your favorite team home, page like in previous versions, it now starts on a generic schedule. 🤭🤮. And impossible to find the teams page.

Never loads anymore

I was able to use the app a couple of times but the last 2 months it just shows a spinning wheel and never loads. Really disappointed especially considering I'm a season ticket holder. Needs a fix. Ive deleted and reloaded several times and never works

Try to use it but it keeps redirecting me to Walmart gift card BS offer. and app keep redirecting me... deleting it until I know it isn’t breaching my info...

I like the app but I’d like to see it deliver more.

Fortunately, i haven’t had any of the issues with tickets that others have reported. I buy a lot of tickets on stubhub though. There are so many club seats at SunTrust that a regular person can’t walk up and buy a ticket behind the plate. I digress. I love the journal but I’d like to see it expanded. More stats on your history. Win/loss for all, home, away is pretty limited. Baseball is about stats! I want to see how many times bratwurst has won the race at Miller Park when I attended! It’s a good app but needs some depth on the journal side!

Worst App Ever

Enough said

I cannot even download the app

I have season tickets connected to mlb app and I cannot download the app at all. I have rebooted, off and on, verified storage space and updated system. Still cannot download!! Very frustrating!!


I purchased a ticket for an event and it said i could only access it through this app. What was wrong with a normal email? Regardless, getting this app was difficult as i cannot update to ios 10. After i found a workaround that enabled me to get the app, it crashes constantly. Getting tickets to the game are now more of a hassle than ever.

Just spent $600 on tickets and the app wants to HIDE them from me

The information architecture of this app is abysmal and it took me about 15 minutes to understand where the tickets I just spent $600 on are. First sin: I logged in with the same MLB account I bought the tickets from the MLB site with, yet the app has no idea who I am. I have to send/receive fiddly confirmation mails to “link” my account to itself. Second sin: I was asked to pick my favorite team, which happens to NOT be the one I purchased tickets for, then my app was completely taken over by that team. My only idea for how to get my tickets was to remove my favorite team then switch over to the one I bought tickets for. Upon restarting the app, logging out and then back in, this finally works. FINALLY I have proof my purchased tickets are here. Third sin: They’re buried at the bottom of a long page of scheduled events and other things the dumb app wants me to buy, but at least they’re here. Overall impression: MLB needs to hire a UX designer yesterday (or fire the ones they have.) This is embarrassing.

Don’t trust this app!

Terrible experience. Constantly crashes and refuses to start. If you are going to use this app to store your tickets and get into the ballpark you are taking a big risk. Print out your tickets or use Apple Wallet.


Lags if it works at all.


Provide an option to remove ads, even if it is paid.

Can we just go back to paper tickets?

This is honestly one of the worst systems of ticket delivery that I have ever experienced. MLB is clearly more interested in tracking my location and data than allowing me to enjoy the game experience - even as a premium ticket holder.

Can’t Link to Ticket Account

Major fail. Tried to link to ticket account. Doesn’t send confirmation email. Pressed the resend button, and the app generated an error. Web site says to call ticket office for problems, but the office hours are bankers’ hours. Don’t wait until the last minute to set up an account if you want to use this app.


Virtually worthless from my point of view. Tickets can’t be scanned from the app on sunny days, and trying to get a printed ticket requires several steps with the required steps buried on both the app and the team’s website. I will most likely NOT renew season tickets because this app is such a failure.

Terrible, can’t get tickets

I bought tickets at the stadium website and tried to log in to this app to get them on my phone. Impossible. I linked accounts but they just don’t show up. Worthless app.

App needs an update

I’m trying to access the app on my iPhone 8. The app immediately shuts off after I turn it on. And how am I supposed to access my mobile tickets when the app doesn’t work?

Transfer of tickets is almost impossible!

We are season ticket holders and we send tickets to multiple clients and friends. At least half the time the transfers do not work and we end up printing the tickets because the verification process for them rarely works. This technology should not be this difficult!

Has potential. Needs improvement.

Please integrate with Apple Wallet. It’s very challenging to find tickets. Bought them for a game in a different city and when prompted “Whose your team?” I select my home team without realizing it’s to get to the others teams page, where the ticket is... it’s fine enough. But not enjoyable. Also, I was signed up for several MLB mailing lists for buying tickets through the app. It is annoying to unsubscribe each day to a new mailing list.


Garbage app. Always craps out and you can never check in. So many bugs I had to call the exterminator. Useless app. Always being updated because it requires so many fixes. Broken.

Worst app ever

Never have I used an app that requires constant delete and install in order to use. Never works more than a single use. Start over and do better next time

Lacks Apple Wallet support

Can not figure out how to add tickets to Apple Wallet. App requires internet connection. Very sad!

Don’t waste your time

Most games I want to attend have no tickets available. For 2 people!? Really!? Better off letting StubHub or someone else take a half a mortgage payment in fees than try to find success on here. Disappointed, this could be a great app.

Awful experience

Impossible to use — been at it for half an hour and still can’t access my account. Nothing works. Really wish there were some other path to access my tickets, impossibly frustrating that this is the only way.

Ok-ish App

Ok so they choose your password. Don’t like that but it works so...🤷‍♂️

Worst ticketing experience possible

Never has this been more confusing. Gone are the days where tickets are emailed to you. I had to create two separate accounts on two sites to receive these tickets. The app also took 5 minutes to recognize my account

App crashes

Awful app! For weeks now it won’t even let me log in. I called support he said delete and reload. I did that 5x. Still doesn’t work. He said it’s a known issue for some users and they are working on it. Not acceptable for his long.

Where is the 360 VR view?

When you can find it for a particular park, it’s always buried deep in some sub folder in the app. How about putting it front and center in the same spot for each park, and while you’re at it, make the info in each park be in the same order instead of the disorder it’s in now.

Updates NEEDED

desperately need the ability to delete a check-in!

How about useful functionality?

This app seems to do about 100 things I don’t care about and none of the things I do care about. For starters, why on earth would it only show tickets I have for games the day of the game and not all future games? The fan experience at games seems centered on selling me $12 beers not the actual sport of baseball. Try again.

Usability is awful

I received an email from mlb saying I could use this app to access my tickets for tomrrow’s game. After wasting 10 minutes, I still haven’t figured out how to access my tickets, even after linking my mlb account. Whoever is responsible for UI/UX for this app should be fired.


This app only looks good. With a degree in Computer Info Systems, it took me months to get my tickets linked to the app. Please simplify this process and throw away the ballpark app tutorial because it's uninformative.

Total crap

Cubs directed me to this app to pick up my tickets. The website for my account shows the tickets but this stupid app won’t show them. App is worthless and a total waste of time.

Can’t link tickets in app

I bought tickets to a cubs game and the only option of delivery is via the MLB app. I just tried to link my tickets to the app and it won’t let me. This is a huge hassle and waste of my time. Now I need to call the Cubs to see if they can print me a ticket.

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